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  • Thumbnail image(Returnee voting)
    Returnee voting
    Voters residing overseas who return home before the start of the overseas residents’ voting period must report their address or last address
  • Thumbnail image(Overseas Voting Management Organization )
    Overseas Voting Management Organization
    Overseas Voting Committee -Establishment unit- Diplomatic missions are defined by Article 2 of the Republic of Korea Overseas Diplomatic Mission Management Act
  • Thumbnail image(Overseas Election Campaigning )
    Overseas Election Campaigning
    Overseas election campaigns targeting overseas voters should be carried out as follows: ?Posting comments or videos for campaigns on websites or its boards, cha....
  • Thumbnail image(Vote Counting Procedure )
    Vote Counting Procedure
    General ? vote counting at home(In accordance with the vote counting procedure of domestic elections) -Overseas ballots shipped to Korea ⇒ votes counted -1.① Ov....
  • Thumbnail image(Overseas Absentee Application )
    Overseas Absentee Application
    Persons whose domestic residence registrations are made or who have reported domestic residence as Koreans should file an “Overseas Absentee Application.” Overs....
  • Thumbnail image(Overseas Voter Registration Application )
    Overseas Voter Registration Application
    How to apply for Overseas Voter Registration, ?Persons eligible for overseas voting for Presidential elections and proportionalrepresentative National Assembly ....
  • Thumbnail image(Elections Open to Overseas Koreans )
    Elections Open to Overseas Koreans
    The elections open to overseas Koreans without domestic residence registrations or those who have not reported domestic residence are. The elections open to ove....
  • Thumbnail image(Overseas Voters )
    Overseas Voters
    Overseas voters are Korean citizens residing abroad who are divided largely into overseas voters and overseas absentees., Overseas Koreans who have obtained for....
  • Thumbnail image(History and Significance)
    History and Significance
    History and Significance, Implications of introducing the overseas voting system (Elevation of the Republic of Korea’s status as a democratic nation, Elevation ....
  • Thumbnail image(Voting Procedure)
    Voting Procedure
    In the case where ballots are prepared and distributed to voters at polling stations(Procedure)-1.The place to ehcek your ID - You should present a certificate ....
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