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Overseas Voters

writer : 선거2과 Registration Date : 2013-09-05

Overseas voters are Korean citizens residing abroad who are divided largely into overseas voters and overseas absentees.

① Overseas Voters
Persons without domestic residence registrations or overseas Koreans who have not reported domestic residence.
② Overseas absentees
Persons with domestic residence registrations or those who have reported domestic residence, such as Koreans traveling, studying or working abroad who intend to vote abroad.

When you voluntarily acquire a foreign citizenship, you do not have voting rights in Korea because you lose your Korean citizenship when the foreign citizenship is obtained.

Overseas Koreans who have obtained foreign citizenship in a lapse of the nationality selection period are not eligible for overseas voting as they have renounced nationality of the Republic of Korea.

However, persons in the process of changing nationality are still considered to have nationality of the Republic of Korea and therefore do have the right to vote.

Those who are at the age of 18 or above

☞ A permanent resident who has reported domestic residence and intends to vote overseas should file an Overseas Absentee Application.