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Returnee voting

writer : 선거2과 Registration Date : 2015-09-15


1. Introduction to returnee voting


Voters residing overseas who return home before the start of the overseas residents’ voting period must report their address or last address (registered standard address for those who do not have a last address) to the voting committee of the gu, city or gun, attaching documents to prove their return home before voting at the place set by the voting committee on the voting day (Article 218 Clause 16 ③). 
  ※ Voters residing overseas cannot vote at the pre-voting booth according to Article 148.


2. Returnee voting registration

  A. Subjects
    Voters residing overseas and those reported as being away overseas, who have returned before

    the start of the overseas voting period. 

  B. Registration method
     1) Registration period: Until the end of the voting day
     2) Documents to submit
      Returnee voting application form
      Other documents that can prove return home before the start of the voting day
          ※ Proof of fact on entrance to Korea according to Article 88 Clause 1 of the Immigration Management Law
             ☞ Can be issued free of charge through the Minwon 24 website (www.minwon.go.kr).
      Other documents issued by a public office or public organization that can prove entrance to the country  

     3) Place of submission: Local gu, city or gun voting committee
       Those away overseas: Gu, city or gun voting committee of home address
       Voters residing overseas, Gu, city or gun voting committee of last address

       (registered standard address for those who do not have a last address)
     4) Method of submission
       Submit Returned Overseas Resident Voting Application with documents to show return home attached.
       Provide original copy of nationality confirmation documents as notified by overseas resident voting  


3. Voting method

  A. Voting place
     Those away overseas: Voting booth installed by officials of home address area.
Overseas residents Voting booth installed by voting committee of jurisdiction area.
          ☞ Near office location, or in consideration of voting convenience of voter. 

  B. Voting method
     Returnee voters must provide ID at voting paper distribution desk.
           ☞ Nationality confirmation documents not required.