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Overseas Voting Procedure

writer : 슈퍼관리자 Registration Date : 2017-03-30


Overseas Voting for the 19th Presidential Election
Overseas Voting 
Overseas Voting Procedure
Voting Period
April 25 ~ April 30, 2017
Within 6 days during the period l 08:00 ~ 17:00 every day
Polling Station
Diplomatic missions(in alternative facilities due to a narrow space and etc.)
※For detailed information, please go to Overseas Ballot Website(, website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs( and etc.
Place to verify ID
Overseas Voters
Overseas Absentee
Overseas voters must present an original copy of decument that identifies nationality.
※Example of document to verify nationality : Visa, certificate of permanent residence, long-term residence certificate, foreigner registration certificate of resideing country and etc.
Present a certificate of ID for verifying and write your signature by using a pen or inputing a fingerprint on the ID verfication column.
Place to receive a ballot paper
Receive a ballot paper and an envelope
Polling Booth
Select a candidate with a mark by using the stamp provided and seal the envelope for return with the ballot inside. 
Place to seal a envelope for return
Come out of the polling booth and seal the envelope for returning.
Ballot Box
Put the envelope in a ballot box and come out.
Important Note
When going to the overseas voting polling booth, please present identification documentation. You cannot vote without present ID documentation.
ID documents
Passport, resident registration card, public official ID card, or driver’s license issued by a Korean governmentagency and/or public organization to identify the voter, or an ID card and/or certificate with photograph to identify the voter
Certificate to identify a voter or an ID card and/or certificate with photograph, name in full and date of birth issued by the government of the residing country to identify the voter
※Overseas voters are required to present a original copy of the document to verify voter's nationality.
As the following cases make your ballot invalid, please be careful.
Not using a ballot paper or an envelope issued by an overseas voting polling station.
Sending the return envelope after filling in a ballot, putting  it in an envelope and not sealing it. 
Marking with any tools that are not provided by the Election Commission
Not marking all the columns
Marking 2 columns or more than 2 columns
Filling out a column by using a letter or any shape other than
Filling out a column by using any data except for