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overseas voting system

writer : 슈퍼관리자 Registration Date : 2017-03-14

Your vote from overseas is korea's hope.

1. It's easy to apply and register to vote from overseas

1)You can apply and register to vote from overseas anytime. you can apply and register to vote anytime online or by visiting the diplomatic office. ※ But, absentees need to register at least 150 days before the election day.

2)Documents are not required for application and registration. ※ Overseas voters are required to submit the necessary documentation to prove the nationality to vote.

3)Introducing the permanent registration system for overseas voters ※ Changes shall be added and registered in the list. But, absentees need to register for each election.

2. Overseas overseas voters have more options for voting

1)polling stations. a polling station will be set up in a region where many overseas voters reside.

2)Introducing the return-to-vote system. overseas voters who returned to korea before the commencement of overseas voting can vote at any polling place in korea on the election day after registering with the national election commission.