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Clean overseas voting is the face of global Korea.

writer : 슈퍼관리자 Registration Date : 2016-02-18

Examples of violations of overseas election laws pertaining to politics
Permitted examples, examples of violation
Act of contributions by providing money and valuablesㆍfood
Permitted example
-Membership fees within allowed range in compliance with the organization articles of association, regulations and requirements for operation as a member of various organizations
Examples of violation
-Being requested to recommend voting for a particular Party•Candidate and receiving money, valuables or transportation conveniences in return
-The representative of a Korean resident association covering expenses for visits to Korea or overseas trips with the purpose to have the members vote for a particular party or candidate
-Act of requesting sponsorship to candidates for various events hosted by the Korean resident association
Election campaign using pressㆍprintoutㆍfacilities and social status
Permitted examples
-The act of formal calling, sending emails or post cards by candidates (including those planning candidacy) to Korean nationals with relationships or acquaintances
-Act of sending invites to limited personnel to inform the policy discussion location and such by the event host
Examples of violation
-Act of sending post cards to Korean nationals without prior relationship by candidates
-Act of posting posters or printouts promoting a particular party or candidate in Korean offices, churches or schools that are commonly used by Korean nationals
-Act of encouraging support or opposition regarding a particular party or candidate in events for discussions with significant participation by Korean nationals
-Act of election campaign through Korean broadcasts or Korean newspapers
Party activity and political fund raising
Permitted examples
-Act of voluntary partisan gathering by party members overseas
-Act of the party distributing press release or explaining Korean national relevant policies though policy discussions targeting Korean nationals
Examples of violation
-Act of establishing a separate branch or office for operation of the party organization overseas
-Act of distributing or posting policy promotional materials containing contents supporting or opposing a particular party or candidate
-Act of party executive’s plea for support or opposition of a particular party or candidate at a Korean national conference
-Act of the party receiving party expenses from those who are not affiliate party members or foreign nationals who cannot become a member of the party
-Act of Korean nationals establishing and operating an organization to support a particular candidate or party with the purpose of donating political funds
Meetings and fan club activities
Permitted example
-Act of posting candidate’s speech or activities, such as situations and process (excluding support advertisement content) on the fan club homepages to allow visitors to view the content
Examples of violation
-Act of political campaign by establishing a similar institution or private organization
-Act of encouraging support or opposition regarding a particular party or candidate at various gatherings
-Act of posting contents relevant to election campaign, such as political strategies, or content encouraging the support of a particular candidate which may be viewed by visitors
-Act of the fan club transmitting political speeches, activity status or movements of a particular politician to members

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