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Return home voting

writer : 슈퍼관리자 Registration Date : 2017-03-06

Don’t worry. You can fly back home to vote.
Sudden trip back home. Can I vote while I’m in Korea?
-What is return home voting?Overseas electorateswho plan to return home prior to the opening day of overseas voting period may register with the National Election Commission to vote at a local poll during election day.
※Overseas electorates may note vote during the preliminary election

- Return home voting registration
Applicable: Korean nationals and overseas electorateswho have returned home prior to the opening day of overseas voting period
Deadline: Before the poll closes on election day
Required Documents: Submit a return home voting application with documents verifying the return
※Overseas electorates who have registered via mail, email or homepage must also submit ‘an original copy of the nationality verification document’ announced by the overseas voting manager
Submit to: Local National Election Commission office
National assembly absentee: Local National Election Commission office with jurisdiction of the address
Overseas electorate: National Election Commission with jurisdiction of the final address (If final address does not exist, the registered location will be used)
- Where can I vote?
Korean nationals:Polls installed at local polling area
Overseas electorate: Polls designated by the local National Election Commission
※Original copies of the nationality verification documents are not required during voting

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